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Nudo welcomes Steve Adkins as our new President. Learn more about Steve and all the latest Nudo happenings here.
April 2018
Read the 1st Quarter Newsletter to learn all about the latest happenings with the Nudo team, our community and our customers.
Nudo Featured in Digital Output Magazine
February 2018
Check out Nudo's ad on page 31 of the February issue of Digital Output Magazine!
August 2016
Nudo and Marlite have introduced the ultimate in wall protection systems to combat damaged and unsafe surfaces in today's healthcare spaces. Allure and Induro FRP decorative wall panels are the simplest, most affordable way of applying laminate to walls. With virtually zero replacement/repair costs, the life cycle expenditures of Allure and Induro FRP are a fraction of the cost of painted drywall and flat rigid plastic panels.
Nudo Introduces FiberScore FRP - A Superior Alternative to Ceramic Tile
March 7, 2016
FiberScore FRP is a fiberglass panel that provides a superior visual appearance without the hassle associated with ceramic tile. Compared to traditional ceramic tile, FiberScore FRP panels install easily and at a minimal cost. By offering a cost effective and performance driven alternative to ceramic tile, Nudo Products is revolutionizing the way contractors and architects traditionally cover their walls.
Springfield Business Journal: Nudo Continues to Grow Under New Ownership
January 28, 2016
The Springfield Business Journal published a feature story highlighting Nudo's growth throughout the years and the future objectives for advancement in the industry.
Nudo Endurex 555 High Impact Hurricane Panel Receives Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval
January 2016
Nudo Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Endurex 555, a high impact hurricane exterior architectural panel, has received the Miami-Dade County, Florida Notice of Acceptance (NOA) number 14-0211.07. Testing and certification for Miami-Dade County approvals let architects, specifiers, buyers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) know that products meet the unique requirements for a hurricane prone area. The Miami-Dade specification has been used as a design basis for coastal U.S. projects from Texas to New York.
Grupo Verzatec/Stabilit Announces Acquisition of NPI Holding Corp.
December 2015
Grupo Verzatec, an international company with headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, and the parent company of Stabilit America announced that it has purchased NPI Holding Corp., parent company of Nudo Products and Marlite. “The company’s strong manufacturing and distribution footprint will ensure outstanding service and delivery for our customers,” said Darryl Rosser, President and CEO of NPI Holding Corp. Mr. Rosser further stated “Maximizing our resources and expanding these offerings are among our highest priorities to take customer support to new levels.”
Nudo Products is CSI’s featured Corporate Partner of the Week
November 2015
Nudo Receives Forest Stewardship Council Certification
October 22, 2015
As a FSC certified manufacturer, Nudo can now carry, process and sell FSC Mix and FSC 100% claims of both MDF and plywood. By selecting FSC certified products from Nudo, customers are able to maintain their commitment to using products derived from responsibly managed forests, without sacrificing the aesthetics and functionality desired in today's world.
Nudo Announces Acquisition of Marlite, Inc.
January 14, 2015
Nudo Products, Inc. announced its acquisition of Marlite, Inc., of Dover, Ohio, in a deal that will make the companies the unparalleled leader in decorative and functional solutions for architectural wall and ceiling applications. Capitalizing on the best practices, experienced teams and extensive distribution networks of the respective organizations, each company’s customers will benefit through enhanced product and service offerings.
Nudo Products Announces Acquisition of Prime Panels Inc.
October 8, 2014
Nudo Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Prime Panels Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of specialized panels for use in agricultural, commercial, industrial and transportation applications. Prime Panels is known for their extensive line of laminates and substrates, which has allowed them to serve the needs of a very diverse customer base.
Nudo Introduces Endurex 555: A High Impact Hurricane Panel Like No Other In the Industry. Panel Passes Miami Dade Testing Requirements
October 21, 2014
Nudo Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Endurex™ 555, a high impact hurricane panel that is an advancement of the standard impact panel seen in the market today. Instead of using steel to provide impact protection, Nudo has engineered a lightweight, super-strong composite material that outperforms other products in the market. Although lighter and much easier to cut and install than other products, the Endurex 555 panel passed all national “hurricane” testing requirements and meets the Miami Dade Testing Requirements.
Nudo Announces the Transition of Non-Stone Laminations from Bellcomb, Inc.
August 21, 2014
Nudo is pleased to announce that it has obtained the rights to manufacture most non-stone laminations from Bellcomb, Inc. This includes all rights to its proprietary lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, reusable barricade system sold to the construction and retail markets under the brand name “Future Panels”.
Nudo Products Announces Acquisition of High Standard, Inc.
December 12, 2013
Nudo Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of High Standard, Inc., a full-service exterior architectural panel manufacturer and fabricator. High Standard's innovative line of window in-fill and exterior cladding panels will perfectly complement Nudo's broad range of interior wall and ceiling products.