Healthcare Facility Wall & Ceiling Panels
At NUDO, we offer a wide selection of healthcare facility wall and ceiling panels that cater to the unique requirements of applications in the healthcare industry. Our line of products is designed to uphold the sanitary and environmental requirements of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, surgical centers, and physician offices. These environments demand surfaces that not only have aesthetic appeal, but also impeccable hygiene and durability. Whether you are looking for hospital wall panels or surgery room panels or perhaps wall and ceiling panels for hallways, patient rooms, nurses' stations or waiting rooms, our specialized paneling systems offer advanced sanitation properties that enable easy cleaning and maintenance.

Depending on the needs and standards of your healthcare facility, we manufacture a variety of wall and ceiling panels, including: Allure™, Impressions™, Elements™, FiberLite®, CeramicSteel™, SecureShield™ and our Endurex™in-fill glazing panels. Continue reading below to learn more about NUDO's selection of wall and ceiling panels, along with coordinating hygienic trims and sealant.

Allure is a 3mm high-performance decorative wall and ceiling panel with limitless choices of decorative laminate, CeramicSteel or aluminum surface finishes. These panels are easy to install, have a slim profile, and are green-friendly. They have been NFPA Life Safety tested Class A fire-rating.
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Impressions panels offer flexibility in design by allowing you to use your own image or artwork to create a large format mural or graphic feature wall. Using a custom UV digital graphic printing process, Impressions panels will add vitality to any new or existing design.
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Elements panels integrate the latest trends in interior design. They are composed of a recycled composite core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets, which makes these panels extremely lightweight, durable, functional, and easy to install and clean.
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Fiberlite FRP
Fiberlite® FRP
FiberLite FRP panels are durable, easily maintained sanitary wall and ceiling panels that are also available pre-laminated to a selection of substrates (NuFiber). FRP has a NFPA Life Safety Code tested Class A fire-rating and meets USDA/FSIS requirements.
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NUDO Ceramicsteel™
NUDO CeramicSteel combines a porcelain steel colorfast, stain and scratch resistant surface with a water-resistant core. These panels are available in a full range of solid colors. They feature a smooth, closed cell surface that is made from inorganic, 99% recyclable materials that can withstand high impact and are easy to clean.
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SecureShield provides a high level of protection, without disrupting the design criteria necessary for your building and company image. It provides superior resistance to penetration from either blunt force or sharp instruments. It installs directly to the structural framing like any standard gypsum panel.
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Polysto Base Cove & Hygiseal
Polysto is a solid core PVC hygienic base cove that complements NUDO's family of products for clean room applications. When applied with MS Polymer HygiSeal, this base cove provides excellent water and chemical resistance and is very easy to install.
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Endurex is a line of exterior architectural products focused on extending the life of the building. These in-fill/glazing panels offer various finish options to provide design flexibility, as well as insulation options to meet your building envelope requirements.
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Healthcare Wall & Ceiling Panel Features & Benefits

NUDO's healthcare facility wall and ceiling panels offer comprehensive features and benefits that align with essential specifications. With multiple design options, NUDO medical wall panels seamlessly integrate into diverse aesthetics. Their easy-to-clean nature and chemical/bacteria resistance ensure stringent hygiene standards are met. Exceptional durability and moisture resistance guarantee longevity in demanding medical settings.
  • Multiple design options
  • Easy to clean
  • Green friendly
  • Durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Ease of installation
  • Class A fire-rating
  • Interior slim profile - 3mm thick
  • Interior panel size - 4' x 8', 4' x 10'
  • Complimentary aluminum and vinyl trims available
bacteria resistant
chemical resistant
fire resistant
graffiti resistant
scratch resistant
stain resistant

Healthcare Wall & Ceiling Panels Installation

NUDO's range of healthcare facility panels provide versatile installation options, catering to the needs of various healthcare applications, such as hospital wall protection panels. NUDO's panels offer stability and permanence, providing a durable solution for long-lasting installations.

Regardless of the installation type, NUDO's medical facility panels offer benefits, such as durability, ease of replacement, and aesthetic appeal. The availability of Complimentary Trim, adhesives and sealant streamlines the installation process, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. NUDO's commitment to providing a complete solution ensures that healthcare facilities receive panels that meet their stringent requirements and offer hassle-free installation and long-term reliability.

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