Decorative and Functional Ceiling Panels

NUDO'S line of commercial ceiling panels are built for easy installation, sanitation, durability and low maintenance. From a strong, lightweight design to a decorative, versatile need, NUDO ceiling panels are resistant to high-moisture conditions with near limitless design capability. Laminated facing options include aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) or can be combined with insulation to achieve the needs of the space. Meet your impact-resistance, fire-resistance or other durability needs with NUDO ceiling panels.
Description Uses Substrates Available Fire-Rating Certifications Maintenance
AllureRecycled composite core sandwiched between aluminum and a layer of high pressure laminate(HPL)Wall and ceiling panelRecycled thermoplastic coreClass A, B & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
ColumnCorrCo-extruded layered panel using a polypropylene thermoformed core with an aluminum, FRP or HDPE surface finish on 1 or 2-sidesWall and ceiling panelPolypropylene thermoformed coreSpray clean, mild solvents
ElementsRecycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminumWall and ceiling panelRecycled thermoplastic coreClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
FiberCorrCorrugated/fluted polyethylene core with a FRP faceWall and ceiling panelCorrugated plastic coreClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
FiberLite FRPFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panelsWall and ceiling panelNoneClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
NuComb-ALightweight aluminum honeycomb panelWall, ceiling, and floor panelAluminum honeycombClass AnoneSpray Clean, mild solvents
NuFiberFiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels laminated to plywood, gypsum or OSBWall and ceiling panelPlywood, gypsum, OSBClass A & CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
NuPolyHigh density polyethylene laminated to plywood and OSB substratesWall and ceiling panelPlywood & OSBClass CUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents
UtiliteCorrugated fluted PVC substrate with a smooth finish and seamless interlocking edge connectionsEasily cleaned, water resistant functional wall and ceiling panelsCorrugated plastic coreClass AUSDA, FDA & LA CountySpray clean, mild solvents

Why Choose NUDO Ceiling Panels?

Whether your job is large or small, here at NUDO we make your job simpler. We know once you try NUDO Ceiling Panels, you'll agree. We'll be happy to send you samples to examine. Complete installation guidelines and technical assistance are available on as well. You can also view our complementary trims to complete your ceiling panel system.

At NUDO, we're determined to provide the product solutions you need and the service you expect.

Common Uses for NUDO Ceiling Panels
Animal Facilities
Car Washes
Clean Rooms
Cold Storage
Commercial Buildings
Confinement Buildings
Correctional Facilities
Farm Buildings
Food Processing Plants
Freezer Rooms
Healthcare Facilities
Repair Facilities
Shower Areas
Veterinary Facilities
Wastewater Treatment Plants

Explore NUDO Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Ceiling Panels

NUDO's commercial-grade FRP Ceiling Panels are just as strong as they are lightweight. They are the ideal construction material as they combine affordability and efficiency. These FRP ceiling panels resist rot, stain, mold and mildew.
Fiberlite FRP

Explore NUDO Aluminum Ceiling Panels

NUDO's line of aluminum ceiling panels feature easy installation and durability. They are light weight and offer limitless design options.

Explore NUDO Pre-laminated Insulated Ceiling Panels

Nudo's pre-laminated insulated ceiling panels are ideal when moisture and condensation factors must be considered in your building's ceilings. They are built for easy installation, sanitation, durability and low maintenance.

Explore NUDO UtiLite Ceiling Panel

UtiLite™ Vinyl Ceiling Panels are designed to enhance the appearance and usability of your facility. The easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant surface, presents a seamless appearance and provides easy installation and maintenance. These lightweight, smooth, water-resistant panels check all of the boxes for the requirements of a clean room environment.

Easy Installation Ceiling Panels

Anyone who has done the work knows putting in a ceiling can be a big job. If you want to cut back on the time required without cutting corners, try NUDO Ceiling Panels. At NUDO, we're dedicated to the idea that simplicity and stability work together. Our panels are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Aluminum or other overlays factory laminated to a variety of substrates.

Simply install the panels directly to any drop ceiling framing, vinyl or metal grid. Clip panels in place if required. (NUDO Panels fit all available drop ceiling systems). Panels can be cut using standard hand and power tools. Some double-faced panels will clear a span up to four feet and can be easily adapted to your specific needs. Please call a factory representative to discuss these options.

Our panels are available with textured and smooth surfaces, and some can be laminated on both sides to increase structural balance and panel rigidity. They are available in many sizes, colors and thicknesses. An FRP Ceiling Grid System is available.

Note: Not all tiles will perform in a 4x4 grid. Please call a NUDO sales representative to discuss these options.