Exterior Architectural Panels

Explore our line of quality exterior architectural products focused on extending the life of a building. These in-fill/glazing panels offer various finish options to provide design flexibility, as well as several insulation options to meet your building's envelope requirements. Keep reading to learn more about each exterior wall panel type and its range of applications, from hotels and office buildings to condominiums and more. Whether you're tackling a small renovation or planning for a cutting-edge high-rise, NUDO has you covered. Each of our products represents our most tried and true technologies, contact us to learn more or to answer any questions you may have.

Endurex™ 300 Laminated In-Fill Panels

NUDO's Endurex line of exterior architectural panels focuses on extending the life of the building. The Endurex 300 Series is comprised of a 1/4" stabilizer sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. Various aluminum, core and finish options provide design flexibility to meet your building envelope requirements. Endurex 300 is the only 1/4" glazing panel that offers a solid plastic core that will not absorb moisture and yet offers exceptional impact resistance.

Endurex™ 500 Laminated Insulated In-Fill Panels

Endurex 500 is a line of exterior wall panels that not only extends the life of the building, but also provides energy savings. The panel starts with an insulating foam core that is protected on either side by a variety of stabilizers. The exterior of the panel is then covered with a smooth or textured painted aluminum skin. A wide variety of aluminum finishes, foam cores and stabilizers provide design flexibility to meet your building envelope requirements.

Exterior High Impact Hurricane Panels

If you're looking for a high-impact exterior wall panel that is designed to withstand tough weather conditions, the Endurex™ 555 and 557 are like no other in the industry. While other competitors rely on a heavy sheet of steel to provide impact protection, NUDO has engineered a lightweight, super-strong composite material to do an even better job. These exterior hurricane panels are impervious to moisture and are completely balanced to avoid dependence on a "steel side out" installation.

EnduroBond Exterior Aluminum Composite Panel

NUDO offers EnduroBond, an exceptionally high-quality aluminum composite panel (ACM) that is versatile and as strong as its name suggests. Primarily used as an exterior cladding panel as part of the exterior building envelope, it can also add a distinctive and decorative look as an interior wall or ceiling panel. Customize your look and choose from a seemingly endless array of colors to make every project distinctive, long-lasting, and modern.