Nudo CeramicSteel
Product Description
Nudo CeramicSteel™ combines PolyVision's™ colorfast, stain and scratch resistant surface with a water resistant core. These panels are available in a full range of solid colors and custom graphics. The panels smooth and inert surface is made from inorganic, 99% recyclable materials that can withstand high impact and remove graffiti with no residue. NUDO offers various core options, including High Density Fiberboard (HDF), Aluminum Composite (ACM) and Cement Board. Decorative or durable, NUDO offers solutions for all your design performance requirements.
Popular Applications
Healthcare Facilities
Sporting Venues
Escalator Cladding
Educational Facilities
Shopping Malls
Corporate Spaces
Pony Walls
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  • Designed tough to meet the needs of demanding spaces.
  • Multipurpose magnetic surface is made of a precisely balanced color porcelain enamel that is furnace-fused to 24 gauge steel at approximately 1450°F.
  • Laminated surface using a special waterproof resin glue.
  • Bonded to a moisture resistant core of your choice and an .010" aluminum backer.
  • Class A Fire-Rating.
  • Meets USDA, FDA and LA County requirements for walls and ceilings.
  • Ceramic inks for digital printing are made with Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Black organic pigments that are mixed from minerals naturally present in the earth.
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Materials and Resources
MR 4.1 and 4.2
MR 5.1 and 5.2
Please contact our customer service department at (800) 826-4132 for more information.
NUDO offers 11 standard and 3 premium colors in matte or high gloss finishes. You can also select from an array of colors and surface imaging within our custom enamel color range (minimum quantities may apply).
Standard Matte Finish (Approximately 30% Gloss)
500' minimum run with 8 week lead time to produce
Standard Gloss Finish (Approximately 95% Gloss)
500' minimum run with 8 week lead time to produce
Premium Colors
All come from Belgium. 1 coil (500') minimum with $1,000 set up fee or 3 coil (1,500') minimum with no set up fee.
Custom Enamel Color Range
Panel colors within this website are RGB equivalent. For the best color representation contact your NUDO representative for a product sample.
*Indicates a writing surface.
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Anodized Aluminum Trim Profiles
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Outside Corner
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End Cap
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Inside Corner
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