Endurex 550P
Product Description
The Endurex 550P provides the longest lasting architectural finish available on the market. This 1" insulated in-fill panel has a Porcelain-on-Steel face (CeramicSteel), harder than anodized or Kynar finished aluminum. The panel can be cleaned repeatedly with paint thinners without discoloring the finish, as would be seen on a Kynar painted panel. The Endurex 550P is an ideal panel for areas where graffiti or surface scratching is a problem. The panel is offered in ten standard colors. Custom colors also available with minimums. Textured finish is also available.


Features & Benefits
The Endurex 550P Series of insulated panels provides energy saving, long lasting beauty for the exterior of your building or store-front.
Insulation Options
From economical standard 2lb EPS foam to fire retardant PolyIsoCyanurate Foam, the Endurex 550P panel can be configured to provide insulating values to an R-30.
EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene)
Extruded Closed Cell Foam
PolyIsoCyanurate Foam
We offer a wide variety of stabilizer options to meet the requirements of your building project. Panel stabilizers offer features such as moisture resistance, fire-resistance and impact resistance. Tailor your panel options to provide the optimum solution.
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This innovative stabilizer consists of a solid thermoplastic recycled core. Will not absorb or retain moisture while providing excellent rigidity and impact resistance. The composite stabilizer can also be formed if necessary, making it the ideal choice for all glazing and store-front applications.
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Lightweight and moisture resistance are the primary benefits of the corrugated stabilizer. Not the ideal choice if impact resistance and rigidity are key factors.
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Traditional stabilizer prior to the advent of next generation plastic stabilizers. Hardboard is an engineered wood product with good rigidity and impact resistance. Not the ideal choice if moisture absorption may be a concern.
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Cement Board
A stabilizer chosen primarily for its fire-resistance. Cement Board also has very good moisture resistance, impact resistance and rigidity. Also the most expensive of all standard stabilizer options.
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Please contact NUDO customer support for more information.
NUDO offers standard and premium colors in high gloss and satin gloss. You can also select from an array of colors and surface imaging within our custom enamel color range (minimum quantities may apply).
Standard Gloss Finish (Approximately 95% Gloss)
500' minimum run with 8 week lead time to produce
Premium Colors
500' minimum run with 8 week lead time to produce
Custom Enamel Color Range
Panel colors within this website are RGB equivalent. For the best color representation contact your NUDO representative for a product sample.
Porcelain (CeramicSteel) Options
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28 Gauge Porcelain (CeramicSteel) available in 48" Wide
Lengths of 96", 120" and 144"
Custom cut-to-size also available

24 Gauge Porcelain (CeramicSteel) available in 60" Wide
Lengths of 96", 120" and 144"
Custom cut-to-size also available